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Brandon Jones

I enjoy your you tube videos. Keep up the good work! I work for UPS so I love watching those videos. They are spot on. Just watched your last video. I look forward to seeing some comedy from you.

Plump to pumped

Great information, thanks Maynard!!!


This was an awesome advice thanks.

Jeska Jane

This is SO great!!!  Thanks for all the tips & reminders!  I appreciate the excitement 

Scott D

I think this is one of the best videos you’ve ever done, Gerry

Collin Langevin

Hey man just wanted to let you know i started at UPS back in sept as seasonal and i just got hired on  unfortunately i didnt know about your channel till 1 month ago but everything you say did still help me out

CardioMetabolic Coach


Jacob Alfaro

Good video bro

Seaners 11

Wow u have a great view on life bro.  Sorry to hear that u are not at ups anymore but things happen for a reason bro

I nickfizzle I

Thanks for the video. I'm definitely going to have to look into selling some stuff till I can either get back on with UPS or find another job.

Izayah Luna-Goddard

Hey brotha, I like how real you are in your videos, I appreciate guys like you.

TeRell Braxton

Always great videos keep pushing man

Kafele Salahuddin

I still love your videos my dude. Keep pushing man. Happy new year Maynard. Enjoy.

Freedom 1776

Thanks for all the content you post on Youtube.

Nick 636n8r

I enjoy your vids man i started watching you a few weeks ago and i think all of your vids are entertaining keep it up man

4 18

Salute for being sober since 07 as well.

The Winston Double

Thanks for the info.


They should've played this video in orientation.

Youtube channel Fishing Montana

Thanks for the Interview Gerald! I had a great time being interviewed! Thanks for talking so highly of my stuff! Appreciate the support!


Maynard's View thanks a lot brother! Greatly appreciated!


Love this advice!! 

Leira Raps

I love these videos where you're so energetic and yelling ! 😂😂💚

Diego Cervantes

You are on that strong coffee

Ricgard Smith

Glad your back, love your vids

Jason Casey

This was a great video man PSA


Great video Maynards view we need more like this

out of the loop

You have a talent like the rock and a drill sergeant .

Lily Grey

You are awesome! I just applied to be a driver helper. I am a bit afraid but this video helped me see a lot of perks. Thankies. <3

Schaefer0000 Schaefer

Yessss!!! Crazy Maynard's back!!!!!

Gerald Davenport

I love the fact that he keeps it too real these are the best answers your guys are going to get take it and run with it that's what I'm doing

Kevin Pennington

Henry Rollins' son...."But, I'm a loader, yeah!"  But seriously this guy is great.


Great video dude. I start my first day 2mmorow as a package handler. I'm excited but nervous, I hope I do well.

King Reef

Great job dude


ima watch your vids everytime beforebi go to work

Kia L

I've been binge watching your videos ever since i put in my application for package interview is in the morning im nervous but imma do my best

Anna Rice

I'm starting today@ 4 working the twilight shift..thanks for your videos..I've really enjoyed them and the info u shared💥

shawn hendrix

Maynards view awesome ! Thank you so much !


Imagine having this guy as a boss

jaeger lilly

You're so funny. Has anyone ever said you look like the lead singer from avenged sevenfold

Tesslynn Amburgey

Dude-way to do a presentation!!!!  Have you thought about being a drill sergeant, would be totally easy for you. Be all you can BE!!!!

Tori Walthers

You would make a great motivational speaker for people that truly need it 😂

Mike Dede

You make an excellent worker! Glad you're able to teach others the ropes

Bitcoin Biker

rock star

The Legend Twenty Seven

He kind of reminds me R. Lee Ermey from full metal jacket lol

Josh blake

Thank you Gerald for taking your time to show me and others tips for unloading 🙂 I’m on Preload. 

David B

  Thank you, I appreciate the wicked fast response. Love your energy man, It's great for the work place, we all feed off of each other's attitudes.

Viktor Jamison

Hey Maynard. It's good to see you're back on YT. I do miss all your old videos from over a year ago including the extraordinary friends edition.